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Hack Night Updates

The first wave of prizes for Hack Night co-hosted by ACV Auctions Spring 2018 is now published here! Check out the categories and what you can win.

We are now taking resumes! Head on over to https://ubdevs.com, create an account, and submit your resume! Our Hack Night sponsors (ACV Auctions, Google, and ValueCentric) will receive them for recruiting purposes.

Hack Night co-hosted by ACV Auctions 3

March 17th, 2018 1pm-9pm Norton 218 ROOM CHANGE

Note the room change for this week!

Hack Night co-hosted by ACV Auctions is a biweekly hack session at UB. Come build awesome projects, do homework, and have dinner with UB ACM. Learn more.

Introduction to iOS Development

March 26th, 2018 6pm-7pm Davis 101

Learn the basics of iOS development by creating your own app with Arthur De Araujo @arthur. More info coming soon!

Introduction to Kotlin

March 26th, 2018 7pm-8pm Davis 101

In just a short while, Kotlin has become an incredibly popular and widely used language. Come learn why that's the case, and get started learning this relatively new language! Hosted by Tristan Wiley @sirhype.

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