All of our weekly meetings, events, and hackathons are optional, so pick and choose your favorites to come. We'd love for you to come to all of them though!

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Our workshops are informative introductory workshops ran mostly by upperclassmen with expertise in the topics. We host workshops that cover a wide range of technologies used by professionals in industry or academia. We've covered Python, JavaScript, Docker, web development, and much more.

Tech Talks

We bring university professors and industry speakers to our school and present interesting technologies. We've hosted professional speakers from local and major tech companies like Cisco, Thimble, and Microsoft to present our our school.

Hack Night co-hosted by ACV Auctions

Build awesome projects, do homework, or just hang out with your fellow peers at Hack Night! Our Hack Night event series are recurring Saturday events at University at Buffalo where students gather and work together in Davis 101. The event is sponsored by reputable companies from Buffalo and major tech hub.

Social Events

We organize our own social events like board game nights and barbecue socials to let students network. We also help companies like Bloomberg organize for company-sponosred social events with students.

View our Event Schedule What are Hack Nights?