UB ACM requires everyone who attends our events to check in. As a University at Buffalo student organization, we are required to collect the UBIT ID of students who attend our events. The best way to collect this, according to the University, would be through the UBLinked Event Pass.

Why do I need to check in?

You need to check in in order to be included in the official club membership count. This number is important to the club because it is reported to the two University at Buffalo entities we're housed under - the Student Association and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Additionally, in order to be able to run for an elected position and vote in club elections, you must have checked in to at least three club events in the academic year.

How can I check in?

Step 1

Have access to you UB Linked QR code. The best way to go about with this would be to download your Event Pass from the UB Linked website and store it in your wallet. Here is the detailed instruction on how to access your Event Pass.

Step 2

Show this event pass to one of member from the leadership team.

And that's it! You're officially checked-in! In the case where you don't have access to your Event Pass, just provide us with your name, and we'll check you in!