UB ACM require everyone who attends our events to check in. As a University at Buffalo student organization, we are required to collect the UBIT ID of students who attend our events. For our club members' convenience, we developed a sophisticated check-in system that allows members to effortlessly check in to our events.

List of Member Check-Ins Raffle

Why do I need to check in?

By checking in to our event, we can provide numbers to the two University at Buffalo entities we're housed under, the Student Association (SA) and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). These numbers are important to show that our events are in demand and in turn we can receive more support from the school.

As for members, for every check-in, we will provide UB ACM check-in marks (now referred to as Marks) weighted differently for events.

Collecting ACMs will allow members to have:

UB ACM leadership members cannot be rewarded with Marks and cannot benefit from Mark bonuses. Members who violate club rules are subject to have partial or all awarded Marks rescinded. Marks are not currency and have no monetary value.

How can I check in?

Where can I check my score?

Visit the Check-Ins List page for a full list of members and their respective marks.