Thanks so much everyone who joined us for the Hack Night Finale 2019, we look forward to Hack Nights next year!

Spring 2019 Semester Finale

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What are Hack Nights?

Hack Nights are biweekly hack sessions at University at Buffalo. Build awesome projects and connect with your fellow UB ACM peers.

Showcase Your Projects and Win!

You worked hard on your projects, why not show them to the world at Hack Nights' semester finale and pick up a prize? We're taking projects you've worked on between the start of Winter Break until April 27th at 7:00pm!. All UB students can participate.

The winners of the first three categories are decided by the attendees of the Semester Finale via public voting. Sponsored prizes are chosen by the visiting representatives.

  • Most Polished Hack
  • Hippest Hack
  • The Wildcard Hack
  • ACV Auctions presents Best Mobile Application
  • Google presents Best Use of Google Cloud Platform


UB ACM Hack Nights will have five prize categories for the Spring 2019 semester! Teams of up to four people can submit a project to multiple categories for public voting during the Semester Finale!

  • Nintendo Switch (2 available)
  • Oculus Go (2 available)
  • Apple AirPods (2 available)
  • UB ACM Embroidered Fleece (sizes in limited available)
  • Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable (3 available)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (3 available)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) & Zero Essentials Kit (2 available)
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card (2 available - Best Mobile Application)
  • Google Home Mini (3 available - Best Use of Google Cloud Platform)
Learn more about prizes and the 5 categories here...

Semester Finale

At the end of the semester, we run a large 12-hour Hack Nights event where participants can present a project they've worked on any time after the previous semester finale. We provide prizes to winners and list them on our site here!

Check out the past winners right here:

Why Hack Nights?

Traditional weekend hackathons are great for students to focus and build amazing projects in a sprint. In fact, UB Hacking is so successful it is now ran as an independent event! We've seen great projects from hackathons, and hope to see them productionize and mature over time.

Here's where Hack Nights come in. We want to encourage students to work on long-term projects. Hack Nights are hack sessions students can work together, in a similar environment as a hackathon.


April 27th 10am - 9pm @ Davis 101
Day of Schedule

Free lunch and dinner!


There's no way we can run Hack Nights without sponsors who see value in what we do for students.