Weekend hack sessions at UB. Build awesome projects.

Hack Nights are biweekly hack sessions at University at Buffalo. Build awesome projects and connect with your fellow UB ACM peers.

Traditional weekend hackathons are great for students to focus and build amazing projects in a sprint. In fact, UB Hacking is so successful it is now ran as an independent event! We've seen great projects from hackathons, and hope to see them productionize and mature over time.

Here's where Hack Nights come in. We want to encourage students to work on long-term projects. Hack Nights are hack sessions students can work together, in a similar environment as a hackathon.

UB ACM Hack Nights will have 3 prize categories for the Fall 2018 semester! Teams of up to four people can submit a project to multiple categories for public voting during the Semester Finale! Winners of each category can have their choice of a prize from the pool. The pool includes:

  • Dell 23.8" Screen Monitor
  • RC Quadcopter with Camera
  • Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable Speaker
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Raspberry Pi Zero & Essentials Kit
Learn more about prizes here...

There's no way we can run Hack Nights without sponsors who see value in what we do for students.