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Hack Nights Fall 2017

Our first Hack Night semester finale was held alongside MLH's Local Hack Day on December 2nd, 2017. We held a vote for the club's favorite projects, and here are the winners!

T-Rex Game by Harshdeep Sokhey

T-Rex Game

Harshdeep presented T-Rex Game, a command line recreation of the Google Offline Dinosaur game. This charming ASCII game is surely exciting to play. Check out a live demo video here. Devpost

Asteroid Quest by Declan Hopkins

Asteroid Quest

Declan brings us another quest, except this time it's out in space. Mine asteroids, build ships, and expand your mining empire in Asteroid Quest. Devpost

Game Of Life by Zachary Moore

Game Of Life

Zach demoed his Game Of Life Android app modeled after Conway's Game of Life. Check out the mesmerizing patterns within the Game of Life right on your phone. Devpost

Calendar Generator by Stephen James

Calendar Generator

Stephen showed off Calendar Generator, a great little tool for UB students to generate calendar events for all of their classes! A great utility for anyone wanting to stay organized. Website Devpost