Biweekly hack session at UB. Build awesome projects.

Hack Nights are biweekly hack sessions in Davis Hall, University at Buffalo. Build awesome projects and connect with your fellow UB ACM peers.

Traditional 24-36 hour hackathons are great for students to focus and build amazing projects in a sprint. In fact, UB Hacking is so successful it is now ran as an independent event! We've seen great projects from hackathons, and hope to see them productionize and mature over time.

Here's where Hack Nights come in. We want to encourage students to work on long-term projects. During Hack Night, we turn Davis 101 into a coworking space for students to work on projects. Hack Nights are eight hour sessions on every other Saturdays during the semester.

At the end of the semester, we run a large 12-hour Hack Night event where participants can present a project they've worked on any time after the previous semester finale. We provide prizes to winners and list them on our site here! Check out the past winners right here:

There's no way we can run Hack Night without sponsors who see value in what we do for students.

Hack Night in its current form is only the beginning. We want to provide more resources (hardware and software) for students and secure a permanent space within University at Buffalo dedicated for hacking. With the success of Hack Night, we hope to expand it and create a desirable space for productivity.